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Let us start the LG Marketing Mix: The wide range of offerings which are available for the LG company are discussed in the products of LG marketing mix. The company carters to almost all the segments a consumer can think of the electronic products.

4ps of lg

Price in Marketing Mix of Samsung: Pricing Strategy of Samsung: Having a wide variety of the products to offer to its customers, pricing plays an important role in the marketing mix of Samsung. Samsung uses various pricing strategies to target different customer segments basis the different products that they offer.

In skimming pricing strategy the products are priced higher so that fewer sales are needed to break even. Skimming price strategy is basically for the early adopters of the product. Samsung smartphones are best in class and strongly compete with the likes of Apple iPhone in terms of market share, USP, and features.

Samsung tries to get high value at the start with the skimming strategy and then, later on, drop the prices when the competitors try to enter the market.

LG SWOT Analysis

For these products, Samsung uses competitive pricing where it competes with other big brands like LG, Voltas, Hitachi etc on the basis of Brand value, features and price. Samsung uses competitive pricing for different products and product categories where it tries to compete with the competitors on the basis of the price of the product.

Place in marketing mix of Samsung Place plays a very important role in the 4ps of the marketing mix of Samsung Just like other smartphone brands, marketing strategy of Samsung also follows channel marketing as the distribution medium for its products.

4ps of lg

Samsung has tie-ups with large as well as small retail giants like Chroma, Vijay Sales, Reliance digital, etc that handle the sales of Samsung. Apart from these retail distributors, Samsung also has their own sole distributors where they only sell Samsung products.

4ps of lg

E-commerce channels like Facebook and Amazon are also be utilized to their maximum potential by Samsung to sell their products. Samsung has exclusive partnerships with these brands that allow them to reach out to a large customer base in a cost-effective manner.

Promotion in Marketing Mix of Samsung Advertising and promotion play a major role in creating awareness about new product launches of Samsung. Samsung uses a combination of Online and Offline promotional channels to promote their products. Samsung uses Product advertisements, social channels and paid digital promotion to create awareness about their products among customers.

And uses different types of offers and schemes with trade partners to push their products through an offline channel. Every company needs to crack a marketing strategy that works best for them and marketing strategy of Samsung is something which is helped the company turnaround their business and become market leaders in the smartphone category.Apr 10,  · The paper is going to use computer for the type of purchase and how each of the 4Ps go with it, following 4Ps, product, price, promotion and place, to the purchasing decision.

Define consumer behavior Consumer behavior covers so much ground. With marketing spend of Rs crore, LG India is positioning itself differently on the basis of the first ‘P’ of marketing and acknowledging ‘Product’ as one of its key differentiators.

Product in the Marketing mix of LG LG electronics deals in various electronic industries like vehicle components, mobile devices, consumer goods and home appliances. The company holds the distinction of being the first to make the CDMA mobile digital handsets .

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LG’s competitive strategies are (LG Electronics Year History , pp. ): Focusing on boosting ROIC (Return on Investment Capital) instead of simple growth. LG targets to achieve ROIC 15%, it means company have to improve gross margin.

With marketing spend of Rs crore, LG India is positioning itself differently on the basis of the first ‘P’ of marketing and acknowledging ‘Product’ as one of its key differentiators. In an interview with Pitch, Sanjay Chitkara –Head Corporate Marketing, LG India.

MARKETING MIX _____ INTRODUCTION • Established in , LG Electronics India (LGEI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LG Electronics, South Korea. It is one of the leading companies in consumer electronics, home appliances and computer peripherals in India.

On 4Ps, LG to stress on products: Sanjay Chitkara | PitchOnnet