Alan bass writing and difference derrida

Strongly linked by their attention to "performatives" and the "as if," the essays show the necessity of thinking beyond the category of acts that are possible for a subject. Derrida argues forcefully that thought must engage with the im-possible, that is, the order of the unforeseeable event, the absolute future still to come. This acute awareness of the limits of performative programs informs the essays throughout and attunes them closely to events of a world undergoing "globalization. This inventive analysis is followed by "Typewriter Ribbon," which examines at length the famous lie recounted by Rousseau in his Confessions, when he perjured himself by accusing another of his own crime.

Alan bass writing and difference derrida

alan bass writing and difference derrida

The Trauma of Eros Stanford University Press,which dealt with the psychoanalytic clinical problem of resistance to interpretation. The key to this resistance is the unconscious registration and repudiation disavowal of the reality of difference.

The surprising generality of this resistance intersects with Nietzsche's, Heidegger's, and Derrida's understanding of how and why difference is in general the "unthought of metaphysics. The synthesis of these theories of interpretation and difference provides the philosophical foundations for a new thinking of how interpretation functions, and is a critical intersection of deconstruction and psychoanalysis.

Bass situates Freud and psychoanalytic interpretation in proximity to Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Derrida. The result is original and groundbreaking and should be of interest to a wide swath of readers-philosophers, critical theorists of all disciplines, and thoughtful psychoanalysts.

Active Interpretation Chapter Two Heidegger: Descriptive Interpretation Chapter Three Derrida: Spectral, Binding Interpretation toc4: References Notes show more Review quote "This book is a striking philosophical interrogation of the practivce of psychoanalysis I am convinced that Bass has opened up some new possibilities for further critical dialogue between philosophy and psychoanalysis.

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Jacques Derrida is a professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris and the author of numerous books. Among them, Of Spirit, The Truth in Painting, The Post Card, and Writing and Difference are publsihed by the University of Chicago Press.

Alan Bass received his Ph. D. from the John Hopkins University and then went on to psychoanalytic training in New York City, where he /5(5). Jacques Derrida and the Kabbalah ©Sanford L.

alan bass writing and difference derrida

Drob, 1 Jacques Derrida and the Kabbalah In one of his last meetings with Jacques Derrida, the French-Jewish Edmond Jabes and the Question of the Book, in Writing and Difference, Alan Bass, trans. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, ), p. Originally published as “Edmond Jabes.

Posts about Bibliography written by Jayant Prasad. Derrida: The Father of Deconstruction As i have understood Him Derrida, Jacques, Margins of Philosophy, Bass, Alan (Tr.), Derrida, Jacques, Writing and Difference, Bass, Alan.

Jan 18,  · It is evident from the beginning of Writing and Difference that the misinterpretations of Derrida’s work that still absurdly and doggedly remain in place, Writing and Difference, trans.

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