Chotu kool essay

Review the characteristics of innovations.

Chotu kool essay

Want to repair a fan, but your stool is too short…. Try this Mechanical chess!! This shows why we Indians are so intelligent, creative and innovative. Think about it— why do we do jugaad?

Definitive solution — Improve communication facilities to villages, Strengthen ambulance services, Build better PHCs and CHCs, Install necessary medical equipment in those health centres I'm not talking about installing a PET scanner in a rural centre, but an X-ray machine and an ultrasound machine is feasible enough Supply essential medicines to the health centres timely.

Increase the workforce 2 nurses instead of one in those health centres. Doctors will then feel more competent to exercise their knowledge to treat their patients in rural areas. Increase the number of doctors through this route they tried doing so before by increasing the number of medical colleges, just like engineering colleges Send these doctors to rural areas.

Now just imagine the quality that these doctors would have….

Chotu kool essay

For those not understanding what is the problem, let me introduce you another hypothetical situation — I hope you enjoy the flight!The Chotukool refrigerator further exemplifies the importance of having used a product to solve a problem. In rural Indian villages, traditional refrigerators were too expensive and an unreliable power source made them unconventional.

View Notes - Group 6 from ECON at University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus. GODREJ CHOTUKOOL Strategic Management II Godrej - ChotuKool Group 6 Ankit Vohra Saumil Parekh Parth. Chotukool is a new category Godrej is engaged in educating the consumer through demonstration of the product..

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