Defra business plan 2011 150cc

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Defra business plan 2011 150cc

defra business plan 2011 150cc

By Richard Jones In Guilin, China Behind rusted bars, a skeletal male tiger lies panting on the filthy concrete floor of his cage, covered in sores and untreated wounds.

His once-fearsome body is so emaciated defra business plan 2011 150cc is little more than a pitiful pile of fur and bones. Death is surely a matter of days away and can only come as a welcome release. Wardens at the wildlife park in southwest China say, indifferently, that they do not expect him to see the start of the Year of the Tiger which began last Sunday.

In row after row of foul, cramped cages, more tigers lie alone, crippled and dying. One is hunched up against the side of its cage with its neck grotesquely deformed. Another, blinded in one eye, lies motionless. For here, 1, captive tigers - around half as many as there are thought to be remaining in the wild - live out miserable lives in squalid conditions.

The reason is the tigers, mostly Siberian, are far more valuable dead than alive. There is a hugely lucrative trade in the skeletons at the Guilin park. So for the park, where the tigers are bred for their bones, every year is the Year of the Tiger, and conservationists fear that the vile trade could be helping push some species of wild big cat into extinction.

defra business plan 2011 150cc

On paper, China has signed international wildlife treaties that ban all trade in tiger body parts and claims to have outlawed the industry. Tigers have been used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries.

Their eyeballs are used to treat epilepsy, their bile to stop convulsions, their whiskers to sooth toothache and their penises as a potent sexual tonic. The most valuable parts, however, are the bones, which are used to make wine that is said to cure rheumatism and arthritis, and prolong life.

Despite its rapid modernisation, the use of traditional medicine in China has increased rather than declined because more people can afford exotic treatments. As well as a supposed medical remedy, it is a prestigious drink sometimes shared between men at high-level political or business meetings, or drunk at lavish parties.

Millionaire Zhou Weisen, who is 47 and was born in the Year of the Tiger himself, realised at an early age he could make his fortune by keeping tigers in wretched captivity. The park has the atmosphere of a medieval circus, with animals treated in a way that would cause outrage in any western country.

Twice a day, a few relatively tame tigers are put on leashes and led out to amuse small groups of visitors. Then a ramshackle carnival float decorated with pictures of tigers is led out with a collection of big cats cowering on its deck where they are forced by park keepers to stand up on their hind legs, and beaten with wooden stakes if they do not obey.

Parents clap and shriek with laughter while children look on with bemused grins as the daily ritual is performed. A closer look reveals that one of the performing tigers has a tumour on his left leg the size of a football.

Other tigers have untreated wounds and scars from thrashings or fights with other tigers. The majority are hidden from sight in row after row of cages outside the public area of the park.

Here, bored tigers crammed four or more to a cage, pace restlessly back and forth. Others are kept locked in small, concrete enclosures, spending their days in perpetual darkness. They occasionally jump up on their hind legs to peer through narrow, slit windows, to get a rare glimpse of daylight.

And if what the public can see is so appalling, can you imagine what the conditions are like for the tigers hidden from view? This building is decorated with pictures showing a cave lined with earthenware jars. Top [Communist Party] officials like to drink this wine.bmth live rock am ring full free cabang bri syariah bekasi square security company business plan merchant mariner document mmd z card cost association paz a pas ste.-pazanne moto um max cc engine tecnicas de traslado de un lesionado inconsciente cardsmart stores locations.

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