Expansion and contraction of matter essay

Chrispo Liquids Most liquids follow a fairly predictable pattern of gradual volume increase, as a response to an increase in temperature, and volume decrease, in response to a decrease in temperature. Indeed, the coefficient of volume expansion for a liquid generally tends to be higher than for a solid, and—with one notable exception discussed below—a liquid will contract when frozen.

Expansion and contraction of matter essay

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Winds Behaviour of Matter The particles in solids, liquids and gases all behave in different ways but result in a similar way. They all expand when heated up. The particles in solids vibrate more and knock against each other when heated and result in taking up more space.

The property of solids metal expansion makes it possible to join two metal pieces without welding. Particles in liquids move around each other some more, vibrate quickly and also result in taking up more space.

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The particles in gases move freely in all directions and take up more room too. When heated, they move very quickly and move about more. All three states result in taking up more room, also know as expansion. The expansion properties of solids, liquids and gases have some advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a few: One advantage of expanding metal is its use in thermometers. The mercury liquid-metal in the tube expands when they get hotter. One disadvantage of expansion is that roads crack during the cold season because they contract and expand during the hot summer.

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This expansion can make road surfaces rough. Metal and steel structures used in bridges also expand when they heat up, causing fractures in the bridge.Dec 05,  · In other words, expansion or contraction is linearly proportional to the initial volume of the matter.

Different matters have different atomic structure, thus distances between the atoms are also different. ENGINE COOLANT. Another example of thermal expansion on the part of a liquid can be found inside the car's radiator.

If the radiator is "topped off" with coolant on a cold day, an increase in temperature could very well cause the coolant to expand until it overflows. SMJK AVE MARIA CONVENT SCIENCE B6D7E1 – The Principles of expansion and contraction of matter Name: Lim Li Fern (14) Class: 1P11 Identification Card No.: Subject teacher: Puan Norlida Heat does to matter is changes it state.

There is something more subtle though that can cause big problems. Question Answer; The states that particles of matter are in constant motion and this motion determines what state of matter the substance is.

Kinetic Theory of matter. applying the principles of expansion and contraction in matter Essay Objective: Applying the principles of expansion and contraction of matter Learning Outcome: A student is able to: • Apply principle of expansion and contraction of matter in solving simple problems Materials: Activity sheets 1 – 5.

Essay on States of Matter and How Matter Changes Words | 8 Pages Matter is defined as anything that occupies space and can be perceived by one or more senses; a physical body, a physical substance, or the universe as a whole.

Expansion and contraction of matter essay
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