Introduction to american politics

An analysis of the aims, organization, and growth of parties in the United States. American Political Parties State and Local Government Three credits. The practical working of democracy and the role of state and local governments.

Introduction to american politics

This page is now outdated. I'm leaving it here in case I teach this course in the future. By examining how issues of race, class, and gender have shaped our legal and political system, we will explore the origins of present-day political problems and ideas. Topics covered include the debate over the ratification of the Constitution, the evolution of industrial capitalism, the outbreak and aftermath of the Civil War, the campaign for woman suffrage, the Great Depression, the Cold War, the growth of the welfare state, the civil rights movement, the sexual revolution, the recession of the 's, the Reagan Era, the rise of the Information Age, and the globalization of post-industrial capitalism.

Introduction to american politics

Throughout the course, particular attention will be paid to the ways in which social and economic inequalities have determined the scope of political change.

All required readings will be available on the Internet. You must bring in written responses to all of the questions for class discussion to every relevant class.

Your responses may be brief, but they must be coherent. Be prepared to hand in your responses upon my request.

Introduction to american politics

Both the midterm and the final will be take-home exams that will require you to write brief essays on required readings. Both the midterm and the final must be typed, carefully argued, and must display college-level writing skills.

If you have writing problems, you must visit the writing center before you submit any written assignments. If you miss more than three classes without providing a valid excuse via e-mail, you will fail this class. Write your full name and the letters "AP" in the subject heading.

Download the documents listed in the first section below, print them out, read them carefully, and bring them to class. Jot down short answers to each of the questions below as you go through the readings.


Be prepared to hand in your answers upon my request.regarding American Politics by reading a daily newspaper or following one online. Additional readings may be assigned periodically throughout the semester and will be made available by the instructor. Students are strongly encouraged to keep up with current political events through objective internet site or newspaper reading.

political system in which the power is concentrated in the national gov't and the regional gov't can exercise only those powers granted them by the central gov't Federalism a political system in which regional governments share power with the national government.

INTRODUCTION NATIVE AMERICANS IN AMERICAN POLITICS By Peter P. d'Errico [copyright: Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics, American Political Landscape Series, Jeffrey D. Schultz, editor (Phoenix, AZ: The Oryx Press, ), pp.

Introduction to American Politics and Government I. Course Description This course offers an introduction to the major institutions, participants, and processes in American politics.

The focus is on how the structure of our political system conditions the practice of politics at. T LAW Introduction to the American Legal System (5) I&S Provides an introduction to the American legal system, and examines how judicial processes relate to American politics.

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Describes the organization of state and federal courts; judicial selection and elections; and the functioning of. This course focuses on critical moments in U.S.

history in order to survey major themes in American democracy.


By examining how issues of race, class, and gender have shaped our legal and political system, we will explore the origins of present-day political problems and ideas. Go to American Politics Part Two.

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