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In ornithology[ edit ] Another early example of crowdsourcing occurred in the field of ornithology.

Mindtrek 2012 academic writing

This article discusses the main issues with collecting and maintaining media resources. This revised version of the original guideline published in after the rapid growth of digital media, gives a standard for a model media resources program, guidelines, objectives, organization, budget, the collections, facilities, preservation, and background.

In the preservation section, the ACRL gives their standard on how obsolete materials should be systematically removed or replaced in the collection as necessary.

There is further commentary elaborating this guideline. Such as what to do with worn materials, allocating budget for replacement of media resources, and maintaining access to content.

Reality and chimeras in the preservation of mindtrek 2012 academic writing records. D-Lib Magazine, 5 4.

Bearman is a founding partner of Archives and Museum Informatics and is a consultant for cultural organizations on information strategy.

Instead, his focus is on how the approach to emulation itself is misguided. Instead of preserving information system functionality, more attention should be paid on the actual records.

He offers a better solution: Proper metadata is required with any preservation strategy so that records are properly identified, created, and preserved effectively, and ultimately, opened for future use.

Two Sides of the Same Quality?. Meeting the challenge from technological obsolescence: The case of the disappearing slide projector.

In this article the author studies a single instance of forced obsolescence when Eastman Kodak announced the plan to phase out their product line of slide projectors and film. This forced obsolescence brought to the forefront several questions for many institutions, particularly those who are a repository for artistic images.

These questions included determining what to do with their large collections of 35mm slides. Do they hoard machines and components?

Readers will find this article helpful for gaining insight into a real world situation, as the author provides a view into the different digital paths that were taken by several of these repositories and the results therein.


Obsolescence and redundancy in media history, First Monday, 18 7. The author makes the case to the reader that there is a need for studying media and its usage, particularly old media, so that in the future we can curb waste, increase sustainability, and prolong the operability of media.

Escaping the digital dark age. Library Journal, 2 As a result of this information we are made aware that beyond technological obsolescence, inaccessible media is another side of an ever-increasing problem.

Author Stewart Brand is a scientist and author who raises the alarm for a need to create a long-term technological solution to our dwindling digital memory, and to change our mindset toward one that creates a digital culture that supports long-term preservation.

The paradox of digital preservation. Computer, 34 3 Preserving things traditionally means to keep it unchanged. However, the change in format for recording information change and the hardware and software need to be able to recover that digital information.

This is the paradox Chen introduces.

mindtrek 2012 academic writing

He goes on to discuss the issue with digital preservation requirements for content, formats and styles, and context. Chen further explains that rapid technological advances do not solve the problems of short media life, and obsolete hardware and software.

Instead the digital materials need to migrate between shifts in technological generations. Chen also points out the added issue of defunct web sites to the list of challenges in digital preservation.

Teaching in a Digital World

Chen clearly articulates the issues surround digital preservation, makes a point of discussing obsolete media formats.

Although this article is older, it is still relevant to the topic of obsolete media because of its thorough discussion into the topic of preservation media formats while still maintaining access to the materials.In Proc.

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Sep 10,  · Academic MindTrek Conference Call for Papers, Extended Abstracts, Posters, Demonstrations, Workshops, Tutorials 3rd-5th October, Universal Design Revisited A Methodological Extension for Sustainability MOYEN MOHAMMAD MUSTAQUIM I also contributed partially by writing the discussion part of the research.

Proceedings of the 19th International Academic MindTrek Conference (MindTrek '15). ACM, New York, U.S.A. Academic MindTrek Conference Call for Papers, Extended Abstracts, Posters, Demonstrations, Workshops, Tutorials 3rd-5th October, Understanding Transmedia Storytelling In the early stages of our project, we read widely to learn about the properties and qualities of transmedia storytelling and to investigate in what ways, if any, it is becoming a part of literacy learning in classrooms.

Gamification is defined as the use of game design in non-game contents. Gamification of educational processes can be described as the successful integration of the gamification framework into the curriculum in order to improve students' motivation, academic achievement, and .

Understanding Transmedia Storytelling – Weaving a Storyworld Web