My pet bird

Victoria Joseph Born and raised in California, Dr. She attained her board certification in Avian Medicine and Surgery in Not only does she attend to the needs of the birds of prey that are brought into our animal clinic, she also works at Idexx Veterinary Laboratories as an avian consultant for other veterinarians, and oversees the medical needs of the raptors arriving at the California Foundation for Birds of Prey, a non-profit organization that cares for injured raptors. Joseph and her husband, Andy, share their home with 3 dogs, a parrot, and many raptors.

My pet bird

The typical scenario is this. It has been your darling, adoring pet, never balking at cuddling and kisses. Then one day with no warning, your bird strikes out and bites.

Most owners express shock and disappointment when their beloved pet shows such unexpected aggressive behavior. But how unexpected should this behavior really be?

Most parrots cannot be considered domesticated pets. With the exception of budgerigars and cockatielsmost species are only a few generations removed from their wild ancestors.

Some birds sold as pets today may have had wild-caught parents.

My pet bird

What does this mean? It means that instincts rule. If bird owners keep this in mind when training their pets, they will have a healthier relationship with their bird and there will be far fewer painful nips.

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Keep in mind that in the wild birds can fly high in the trees to avoid danger. A bird with clipped wings obviously cannot do this. Some will fly in a panic to the floor, thrashing about. This can be a very frightening and unsettling experience for both the bird and the owner.

Birds and Dogs Living Together: Is It Safe?

The other protection your bird has is to bite. In almost all cases, you will get warning signals. The trick is to learn how to recognize them before the beak comes down on your finger or worse, a lip or ear.

A very content look with wide pupils and a "fat" satisfied stance. Feathers "stand up" a bit Food soothes the savage beast! Max loves dried cranberries. The dipped head is typical of this agitated state. I have discovered a whole repertoire of behaviors with my senegal parrot.

I have learned to pay close attention to them. When Maxwell reached sexual maturity at around four years of age, his personality changed. I had to rebuild our relationship on different terms.

Mainly I was the cause of the overstimulation.The best answer in my opinion is to have someone come in and take care of the bird while you are gone that the bird already knows and likes. Pet shops can be hectic and if they have animals other than birds can be very stressful. Today, my pet bird died.

He had caught some illness and had been extremely sick for the past few days. He didn't die from the illness though. My dog ate him. Choosing a name for your pet bird can be an exciting, yet fretful endeavor.

So Pet Central put together this Top 10 Most Popular Bird Names list to help you find the perfect name for your bird. Or, if you’ve already chosen your bird’s name, check to see if your bird’s name is on the top 10 bird names list, and see its definition.

Selecting a Pet Bird Selecting a Pet. Interested in exploring other types of pets? Selecting a Pet for Your Family has information that will help. The best reason for obtaining a pet bird is a desire to bring an intelligent, sensitive, and beautiful animal into your household.

Once you have prepared yourself and your home for a companion. You’ve probably heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” But perhaps just as important is the quality of water that is consumed.

Water — clean, fresh and in ample supplies — is essential to nearly every process of your pet bird’s body. A frequent concern heard from bird owners is the inability to get birds interested in eating vegetables.

Because vegetables contain vitamins and nutrients considered essential to a bird's health, refusal to eat such foods can be very frustrating for bird owners.

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