Solar energy market

Such temperatures are too low for efficient conversion to electricity.

Solar energy market

Eric Kruzewski for the Guardian Dark clouds ahead? Although the solar market is booming overall, its reliance on government incentives makes it vulnerable to the whims of policymakers.

In Nevada, once considered a role model for solar development and a national leader for solar jobs per capita, the state Public Utilities Commission approved a major rollback of solar subsidies and policies last December.

Another company, Sunrun, did the same. As a result, the industry association expects Nevada to drop from the fifth-largest state for residential solar installations in to 31st by the end of this year.

Robert Boehm, director of the Center for Energy Research at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, said the changes could mean trouble ahead for the industry as a whole.

Solar energy market

We were amongst one of better states in terms of supporting rooftop solar. Now we are down amongst probably the worst. One company, Tesla Motors, is attempting to address that problem by building a massive factory in Nevada to build lithium-ion batteries that will go into energy storage packs designed by Tesla for homes and businesses.

Tesla is counting on battery sales to complement its electric car business. Boehm, who has solar panels on the roof of his home, said cheaper batteries will nudge more people to invest in solar equipment.


Utilities, on the other hand, should invest in more renewable energy and storage to meet the growing demand and ensure a stable flow of electricity.The US solar industry expects to install gigawatts of solar power in , a 94% increase over the record gigawatts last year, according to a new market report by GTM Research and the.

Oil & gas companies turning to the solar energy market in Algeria shows the potential of the country to exploit solar energy. Delay in Projects Restraining the Market In March , the Algerian Government announced the plan for a 4 GW tender for a large-scale solar PV plant project by the end of the month, but it did not happen.

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