Staar writing accommodations

A school district, an open-enrollment charter school, or a private school administering the tests required by the TEC, Chapter 39, Subchapter B, shall follow procedures specified in the applicable test administration materials. The TEA shall administer to students assessments in any other subject and grade required by federal law. Decisions regarding testing accommodations shall take into consideration the needs of the student and the accommodations the student routinely receives in classroom instruction.

Staar writing accommodations

Request PD Review of learning happens every day and in many different staar writing accommodations How can we build independent thinkers and problem solvers? How can we help students confidently transfer what they have learned in multiple ways?

Join us to learn how to: Create purposeful plans for review daily review, reviewing for tests, etc. Properties and Patterns of Objects Gr. Kinder-1 Properties of Matter Gr.

These concepts are sometimes difficult for students, and yet they are essential to an overall understanding of physical science. This workshop digs deep into the content and process of teaching matter in the elementary classroom.

Exploring how young scientists learn through their senses and ways to support this development Digging deep into what students need to know about the properties of matter Addressing how to deal with difficult content Exploring how Physical Properties of Matter is highly tested on STAAR Exploring and creating hands-on investigations that enhance student learning and make connections that can be implemented immediately Physical Science Matters: Elements and Compounds Gr.

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This workshop digs deep into the content that helps support conceptual understandings and how it plays a crucial role in middle school grades. Investigating what concepts are hard for students to understand at each grade level and ways to support learning Identifying specific grade-level lab investigations that address the difficult concepts of physical science Integrating Instructional Strategies that help support the transfer of learning from the taught to the tested Providing an in-depth look at how these concepts are tested on STAAR and how to address them in instruction Physical Science: Force, Motion, and Energy Gr.

Kinder-5 This workshop focuses on how to support emerging scientists and make meaningful connections between science vocabulary, hands-on investigations and active learning. Building strong content understanding and linking content to critical vocabulary development Discussing age-appropriate, hands-on lab investigations Using the process skills Identifying lab investigations that enhance learning Focusing on how STAAR items can inform our instruction and support learning Physical Science: It is important that students build on the basic understandings of force, motion, and energy to gain the competencies necessary for physics.

Learning ways to engage and build strong content understanding Exploring the important role each grade level plays in the development of the TEKS Cluster Identifying specific grade-level lab investigations that enhance learning Focusing on how STAAR items can inform our instruction and support learning Earth Science Earth Science: Rocks and Water Gr.

Kinder Rocks, Soil, and Water Gr. There are slow changes that occur and some that change in an instant! Identifying student-level activities that build conceptual fluency of Earth science Recognizing how STAAR items can inform instructional practice Connecting hard-to-learn concepts, academic vocabulary, and hands-on learning Using grade-specific, hands-on lab investigations and activities that can be used in class instruction or center-based learning Earth Science: Structure of Earth Gr.

How does it change? How does it move around us? Abstract in nature, these concepts are hard for students to learn, which makes it essential for targeted instruction and hands-on investigations.

Grade-level, specific content focus and strategies that support conceptual development A focus on STAAR items that inform how these concepts develop in middle school Grade-level, specific hands-on investigations that enhance learning Earth Science: Seasons and Space Gr.

Kinder Weather, Seasons, and Space Gr. These concepts can be complex for learners because of their abstract nature. That is why it is so important to make meaningful connections in the events that occur and patterns we can see through space and weather. Various methods to make impactful connections between the content, academic vocabulary, and hands-on investigations Focusing on STAAR items that inform instruction Grade-specific, hands-on investigations that can be used in classroom instruction Earth Science: Organization of Solar System Gr.I need help understanding the STAAR Report Card.

Read the step-by-step guide to the STAAR Report Card and learn more about your child’s score. The Department of Special Education Services promotes inclusion and supports students with disabilities in gaining college and career readiness, and independent living skills through a.

STAAR A – STAAR test with embedded accommodations ii. STAAR L – STAAR test with embedded language accommodations iii.

staar writing accommodations

STAAR SOA – STAAR Standard Oral Administration – this is STAAR with the text-to-speech accommodation only iv. STAAR – online version of STAAR test with no embedded accommodations (only available for EOCs) v. The system was unable to locate the session you specified, please try another session id.

Campus Ratings Posted. The state accountability ratings for more than 8, campuses statewide are now posted. Campuses receive one of three ratings under the accountability system: Met Standard, Met Alternative Standard, or Improvement Required.

STAAR Accessibility Updates for New and updated online embedded supports and tools support on a STAAR reading or writing assessment.

Texas Education Agency -DRAFT 17 9/12/17 • For grades 2–12 TELPAS writing, an Accommodation Request Form.

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