To kill a mockingbird friendship

These personal details notwithstanding, Lee maintains that To Kill a Mockingbird was intended to portray not her own childhood home but rather a nonspecific Southern town. Inwhen Lee was five, nine young black men were accused of raping two white women near Scottsboro, Alabama. After a series of lengthy, highly publicized, and often bitter trials, five of the nine men were sentenced to long prison terms. Many prominent lawyers and other American citizens saw the sentences as spurious and motivated only by racial prejudice.

To kill a mockingbird friendship

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view [ Here, Atticus encourages Scout to try and see things from another person's perspective by "walking in their shoes.

This is a lesson that Scout struggles to learn throughout the novel.

To kill a mockingbird friendship

But remember this, no matter how bitter things get, they're still our friends and this is still our home. He warns the children that things may get bitter; after all, everyone in town has very distinct opinions about the trial, one way or the other.

However, Atticus cautions his children against bitterness. Even though the town may be rife with divisive opinions, they ultimately have to remember that these are their friends and neighbors.

At the end of the day, Atticus wants his children to know that, despite everything, their community will still remain intact. On a literal level, Atticus cautions the children never to shoot at mockingbirds because they are harmless and innocent.

This is important, not only because this is where the title of the novel comes from, but also because it resonates on a symbolic level throughout the novel. A mockingbird essentially stands for anyone who is an innocent person who becomes a victim of a more sinister reality.

There are many "mockingbirds" in the novel, especially Boo Radley.

To Kill a Mockingbird

However, Scout herself might be considered a "mockingbird," as well as Tom Robinson and even Mayella Ewell. Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy.

That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird. Her agreement with him seems to suggest that Atticus isn't the only good person in town. Miss Maudie sees things as Atticus sees them, and she will prove a critic of the trial later on.

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Maycomb may be full of hypocrites, but there are a few people who recognize injustice when they see it. Chapter 13 Scout makes this comment in a narrative moment. Her view that people who do the best they can with what they have is clearly something she has gleaned from Atticus' views.

To kill a mockingbird friendship

However, Aunt Alexandra's view in this represents more of the proud views of the town and the South in general. People with a legacy of establishment-of land ownership and reputation-are what make someone a "fine" person in her mind. This is an idea that Scout, having been raised by Atticus, clearly does not align herself with.

Then he rose and broke the remaining code of our childhood. He went out of the room and down the hall. Here, when Dill has run away from home and they find him in Scout's room, Jem goes to tell Atticus.

This is the move of a responsible young adult, not of an carefree child. Scout recognizes this, as she says, in doing this, Jem "breaks the code of their childhood. But this is a truth that applies to the human race and to no particular race of men.

There is not a person in this courtroom who has never told a lie, who has never done an immoral thing, and there is no man living who has never looked upon a woman without desire.

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He argues, very logically, that not all black men are bad and, therefore, Tom Robinson should not be judged guilty.

Atticus's logic is that no one race is more evil than the other and that, instead, humans in general have the capacity for both good and evil.

Here again, Atticus proves to be a moral and logical voice when so many in Maycomb cannot even begin to see past skin color. Heck Tate did not trap you with innocent questions to make fun of you; even Jem was not highly critical unless you said something stupid.

Ladies seemed to live in faint horror of men, seemed unwilling to approve wholeheartedly of them. But I liked them. There was something about them, no matter how much they cussed and drank and gambled and chewed; no matter how undelectable they were, there was something about them that I instinctively liked Perkins, born hypocrites,' Mrs.To Kill A Mockingbird is Lee’s only novel, and might never have been written had it not been for a generous Christmas donation she received from friends in the s.

Harper Lee and Alan J. Pakula during the filming of the movie”To Kill a Mockingbird” in Consider Dill and Jem; they are good friends; Scout and Dill also are friends, and show friendship love in their interactions.

Cal and Atticus also are very good and trusted friends that have a loving, but purely friendly, relationship. To Kill a Mockingbird Speech to the jury by Atticus Finch, Chapter I'm no idealist to believe firmly in the integrity of our courts and in the jury system - that is no ideal to me, it is a living, working reality.

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No; we have been as usual asking the wrong question. It does not matter a hoot what the mockingbird on the chimney is singing. The real and proper question is: Why is it beautiful? - Bertrand Russell.

The second purchase was my ranch, . To Kill a Mockingbird: Show Multiple Meanings (Less common than this sense) Go to Book Vocabulary Go to Word Detail: With a click of her tongue she thrust out her bridgework, a gesture of cordiality that cemented our friendship.

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