Write a letter why it is important to protect forests write a letter

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Write a letter why it is important to protect forests write a letter

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Context This lesson was developed by Dr. Penny Firth, a scientist, as part of a set of interdisciplinary Science NetLinks lessons aimed at improved understanding of environmental phenomena and events.

Some of the lessons integrate topics that cross biological, ecological, and physical concepts. Others involve elements of economics, history, anthropology, and art. Each lesson is framed by plain-language background information for the teacher, and includes a selection of instructional tips and activities in the boxes.

Ecosystem services are valuable for many reasons, including economic benefits, protection of human health and safety, and support of recreational or aesthetic enjoyment. Students should know that when ecosystems are not healthy, some or all of the services they provide to people may be lost.

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Replacing these services is often completely beyond current technology, and even when we can replace them, it is usually prohibitively expensive to do so. Humanity came into being after most ecosystem services had been in operation for hundreds of millions of years.

These services are so fundamental to life that they are easy to take for granted, and so large in scale that it is hard to imagine that human activities could irreparably disrupt them. Historically, however, the vital role of natural ecosystem services has not been given much attention.

Because they are "free" these services are sometimes thought of as "without value. Ecosystem services are essential to life as we know it. In this interdisciplinary lesson, students explore the concept of ecosystem services by investigating natural water purification in their home watershed.

A few key points before getting started: Most water pollution is invisible. Trash in our waterways may look unsightly, but the really serious problems come from poisons, very fine sediments, and excess nutrients.

If humans put it on the land, or in the air, it will likely end up in the water eventually. The worst problems with pollution in this country come not from industrial discharge pipes, but from "non-point sources" such as agricultural and urban runoff, and contaminated precipitation.

Write a letter why it is important to protect forests write a letter

This lesson is about how ecosystems purify water and what kinds of things humans do that alter these processes. It also discusses the value of the natural water purification service to humans.

The take-home message is that the key to maintaining water purification services is to protect and restore the ecosystems that provide these services.

Firth at pfirth nsf. Planning Ahead This lesson might work best introduced in small bites over several days. The "river newspaper" exercise in the Assessment will probably be most effective if it is approached as a project of a week or so, culminating in the actual "publication" on a day of significance to the students e.

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Today’s wildlife is suffering. We need to start paying more attention to this matter, and doing everything we can to help. This is a problem that we caused and now we need to start making up for it by protecting our wildlife.

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